What is a Situational Judgement Test?

A Situational Judgement Test or SJT is a type of psychometric test that presents candidates with real-life work situations and then asks them to decide on the best response to that situation.

Typical roles that would use our Home & Residential Care SJT are:

  • Care Managers
  • Care Assistants
  • Support Workers

Overview of the Test

In this test candidates are presented with a series of scenarios faced during visits to four elderly clients. For each client there are four linked scenarios (i.e. four ‘steps’ to a visit), and at each step the candidate is asked to decide how best to respond to the situation presented. In total there are therefore 16 ‘steps’ to deal with (i.e. 4 steps with each of 4 clients).

Candidates are invited to assume they work for a home care company, and are about to start their first shift of the day. Candidates have been asked to visit four clients during a shift, which is scheduled to run from 8.30am to 11am, and each visit is timetabled to last for 30 minutes.

The task is to read through each ‘step’ on a visit to a client, then rank the response options listed from 1 – 4, where 1 = Most Appropriate & 4 = Least Appropriate. Each option is ranked by 'dragging and dropping' responses into the desired order. As with all our SJTs, it is untimed but it typically takes up to 15 minutes to complete.

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