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Our Verbal Reasoning test consists of a series of short passages of prose, each of which includes statements intended to convey information or present a point of view.

Each passage is accompanied by four statements relating to the information or arguments it contains. You must assume that what is stated in the passage is true, even if it contradicts what you know or believe to be true. For each statement you must decide if it is ‘true’, ‘false’ or you ‘cannot tell’ based on the information provided.

The definitions are:

TRUE means that the statement is already made in the passage or that it follows logically from a statement or statements made.

FALSE means that statement contradicts a statement made in the passage or does not follow logically

CANNOT TELL means there is insufficient information given in the passage to draw a firm conclusion.

Simply indicate your choice by clicking on your chosen response.

You will be given 2 minutes to respond the passage. Each passage has 4 related statements.