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You receive a call from a parent very unhappy with your organisation’s decision to reject their daughter’s ‘work experience’ application. They request detailed feedback and ask for the decision to be reconsidered. You check the application form and notice their daughter hasn’t ‘ticked the box’ providing consent for you to discuss their application with a third party. You also know that many applicants simply miss checking this box, as it’s not very obvious.

Select the MOST and LEAST appropriate responses for this scenario

To calm the situation, give the parent a short explanation for rejecting their daughter’s application and outline the formal appeals process
Share general details about the work experience criteria, pointing out that you cannot share specific information without consent
Explain you are unable to share any information without consent and advise that their daughter will need provide written permission
Ask the parent to send written consent directly to you from their daughter’s email so you can quickly share the relevant information

Please choose one option from MOST and a different option from LEAST

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