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You are about to start a spatial reasoning test.

In this test you will be presented with different shapes. There are 4 different types of questions, ranging from flat shapes that combine together to form a larger single shape to 2-dimensional shapes that have been rotated. Below are examples of each of the four question types.


Three of the images are the same shape rotated to different angles. Which image is a different shape to the others?


The components combine without rotation to form a shape. Which of these shapes can be formed by the available components?


The net can be folded to form a cube. Which of these cubes can the net be folded into?


The shape can be reflected in the mirror to create an image. Which one of the four images would this look like?

Once you have worked out the correct answer, click on your chosen response and then click the 'next' button to move to the next question. Remember to review each question carefully.

You will be given 20 minutes to complete a total of 40 questions. You will need to provide a response to each question before progressing to the next. If you run out of time your responses will be automatically submitted based on the answers you have provided up to that point.

Once you select the 'start' button your test will begin.


On completion you will be able to download a confidential report with your results. We won't ask for your email address or any other contact information. It's just a link to your confiidential report!