We keep pricing simple, with the following guarantees about our products:

  • Costs nothing to set-up
  • Costs nothing to add or invite a candidate to an assessment
  • Costs nothing to generate a report - as many as you like!
  • We only charge for completed assessments

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always really happy to help.

Assessment Units

Different assessments use a different number of units. See the table below and remember, you don't get charged if a test isn't completed:

Assessments Units
360 Assessment 40
Personality Questionnaire 30
Situational Judgement Test 15
Ability Test 15
 Assessment units never expire         

Pricing Bands

The smallest number of units you can purchase is 10 as per the following pricing bands.

Bands Units Cost Per Unit
Base 10 - 200 £2.00
Standard 201 - 500 £1.50
Premium 501 - 2,500 £1.00
Enterprise 2,501 - 10,000 £0.75
Unlimited 10,001+ Custom price we agree together  


To help you work out exactly how many units you need and the associated cost please use the following calculator.

Simply insert the number of candidates you want to assess (this might be over a year or for a specific project).

  No. of Candidates
Total Units: 0
360 Assessment
Personality Questionnaire
Situational Judgement Test
Ability Test

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