A toolkit for assessing people for selection and development

Viewpoint Psychology builds the most powerful and flexible psychometric tools for internet use. Whether you’re a consultant administering specific tests to a range of different clients, or an organisation seeking to deploy tests across your business, Viewpoint's meticulously-designed psychometrics and thoughtful functionality help you create the best possible experience for your users. Lots of consultants and companies are using our innovative assessment tools for a faster and more efficient way engaging with candidates and employees.


Designing Psychometrics

We design bespoke psychometric tests and surveys to meet your precise needs.

Assessing personality

Our three personality questionnaires provide a powerful insight into individuals from different perspectives. While all three can be used to support coaching and development, the Big 5 & 4Fs questionnaires can also be used for in recruitment and the Jungian Types questionnaire is great for team building.