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Personality Tests

Lots of companies use Personality Tests (or questionnaires) during their recruitment process. Here we explain to candidates what they are, how they work and what to expect in your Personality Test. With a greater understanding of how Personality Tests work, you are likely to present yourself authentically when you are invited to take one, such as when applying for a new job.

Our Personality Tests provide a powerful insight into the motivations, behaviours and preferences of individuals. They invite individuals to respond to statements that anyone can relate to, making it easy for people to answer each item. We also create bespoke Personality Tests to assess specific criteria.

Our three Personality Tests provide a powerful insight into individuals from different perspectives.

1. Talent Dimensions: measures 10 personality scales linked to personality strengths

2. Development Dimensions: measures 8 personality scales linked to personality difficulties or risks

3. Type Dimensions Personality Test: measures 16 personality Types based on the work of Carl Jung

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